“Liv has been employed by The Milk Round UK Ltd as an administrative assistant for the last 12 months and her standard of service has been excellent. Being a small business, it’s vital that we have a ‘safe pair of hands’ to support us with the day-to-day running of the company and also in delivering a strong PR service to our clients. Liv’s skills have been invaluable during the last year her support has helped us to develop our service package and ultimately grow our business. I would definitely recommend her to other companies.”

Jonathan Mudd

Director, The Milk Round UK Ltd


 "If I were to list the top 3 most stressful things in life that one can go through, then I was going through them all when Liv, my real life 'Girl Friday' appeared at the door with helping hands and a heart of gold.
It's not just WHAT Liv can do, but HOW she does it which I think makes her such a wonderful person to work with. She can take on the world for you, and does it with grace, immense charm, creativity, but most of all with a sense of humour that actually kept me going!
So we took on all the paperwork and endless messages from the divorce lawyers, the estate agents and the anxieties of starting a high-powered senior European role together, while Liv took full responsibility for:
-making sure I could rustle up a hot and deliciously tasty meal that she had already prepared and left in the fridge
- walked, fed and watered my two adoring Springer Spaniels
- organised my travel schedule (flights / hotels) and diary around key personal dates and meetings
- gift-wrapped all the Christmas presents in a way that not even Harrods could manage
- acquired and decorated with great style and creativity a Christmas tree which at least made the house feel Christmassy, even if I didn't
- made sure the electricity (to power those tree lights) and other important utilities were kept on stream by setting up monthly automated payments . . . . so simple (when you know how)!!
And if there was anything that Liv couldn't do herself, she has a stream of reliable, trust-worthy and very reasonably priced "back-up boys" from plumbers to IT gurus, florists to gardeners.
Whatever your personal needs, there will always be something that Liv will be able to help you out with - but just not help you - she'll do it with great joy, enthusiasm and an infectious sense of happiness!"

Sara Reader,
Director, Sales & Business Development - Europe, Spinmaster

“Liv’s capabilities know no bounds. We are an international training company and during a particularly busy period in the UK we knew we needed an extra pair of hands. We didn’t know quite how we were going to utilise her skills but she had come highly recommended. Liv instantly grabbed the administrative reigns and quickly understood the challenges we were facing. Her disarming manner and fresh perspective were just the effortless solution we needed. Unlike so many people we have employed in the past, she ‘gets’ everything, is instantly trustworthy, utterly discrete and was fantastic with our clients. She required no micro management and oozes initiative.
You might not know you need her… yet, but she adds value you can’t imagine and is a pleasure to be with while she is doing it. Every time we are over stretched, she is our first port of call.”

Léonie Tovell
Director, Blink

"I had the pleasure of working with Liv during her days as a Media Planner/Buyer and my days as an Account Manager for a busy marketing agency. Liv is extremely organised, with the ability to juggle multiple projects effortlessly. She had some demanding client expectations to manage but always succeeded in delivering the best possible outcome for all involved. Not only is Liv super-organised, but she is a great communicator, has a great sense of humour and puts both colleagues and clients completely at ease. Having worked with Liv for 4 years and subsequently become friends, she really does have a fantastic eye for detail and seems to think of those small things that most of us miss - and all with a great sense of fun which makes her a pleasure to be around. I have no hesitation in recommending Liv both personally and professionally."

Cath Brown
Account Director, H4